Affiliate Marketing Methods

Affiliate marketing is used by business from firms like to hosting services. Simply put, affiliate marketing occurs when other websites post the advertisement or link to the site and the advertiser pays them once a sale occurs resulting from this lead. The concept is similar to athletic and celebrity sponsorship. The reputation of the referrer and their visitor trust leads the viewer to buy the product.

The Methods

To manage the record keeping and the complex tracking of affiliate programs, businesses often look toward online commission and affiliate services like JVZoo or WarriorPlus For a fee, charged to affiliate marketers only, they will track the conversion and referrals, offer real-time stats for the members, offer reports to measure the ad success, pay the affiliates for their leads resulting in sales and advertise the affiliate program to their large compilation of webmasters interested in joining the affiliate program. They also combine banner and link downloads for the affiliates

Though straightforward, especially for the business using an administrative management service as mentioned above, it’s important to follow best practice and avoid the pitfalls that can sink the success.

First provide strong affiliate management and customer service. The program brings in a completely new set of customers that need the support – affiliates. They’re bringing revenue, sponsoring the business and spreading word of mouth. Make sure they have strong and compelling reasons to speak highly of products or services and continue to gain the sales through their lead.

Next, develop FAQ’s or frequently asked questions, specifically for the affiliate marketers. Answer their questions proactively to ease their mind on topics such as cost for joining, payment schedule, contact information and commission they’ll earn. Walk them through the sign-up and management process in a step-bystep instructional. Be available when they have questions, answering promptly and clearly.

How do they sign up? Where do they go? How do they track leads?

When businesses or individuals sign-up for programs or offer personal information, they need reassurance that their information is protected. Develop affiliate rules in the privacy policy explaining how their data is used, where it is disclosed and what notification process the business takes when updating these rules.

In short, affiliate marketing occurs when websites post an advertisement or link to one’s site, which in turn pays the advertiser when a sale occurs as a result of this lead. The concept is similar to athletic and celebrity sponsorship. The referrer’s reputation and their visitor’s trust pushes the sale.

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