The Importance of Having a Backend Strategy

When you start selling online for profit, you’re likely to think that you need to create a variety of items. But you’ll find that you need to take an approach that is going to leverage your lists of products when anyone buys any of those products.

Say you’re selling to other Internet traders. Suppose your product deals with ‘finding the right niche’. Next, you need to develop a backend product which is related to your front-end product.

Then, when this second product is ready, announce it to your list of existing customers, who have already brought your first product. If they liked it, they’re very likely to purchase the new product, which is likely to suit their needs as well.

In fact, the saying, “there’s gold in the list” is often used to refer to the many marketers who have built vast fortunes and created multi-million dollar empires by selling, not similar things to different customers, but different things to the same clientele.

Things You Need To Do

Firstly, you need to keep every customer for life. Even if a $0.05 click-through can lead you to a paying customer, it’s more desirable, evidently, to make a $10.000 profit off him/her over the years rather than a one-time $47 profit.

You should also create an efficient backend strategy for your information products which is tailored to your customers’ needs. Pick their brains without letting them know that it is simply for product-creating.

This should actually be rather easy. People like being asked for their opinion—creating a poll or questionnaire and mailing it to your list should garner you a lot of information about what your customers want.

And while your follow-up products are being created, continue supplying questions and/or useful information to your clientele, so they don’t feel used.

Once their names are added to your list, start sending them bits of helpful information for free.

Once they’ve begun to somewhat trust you, and you’ve proven that you’re working in their best interest, they’ll not mind buying from you again and again.


If you’ve gained the trust of your clientele, they’ll help you profit over the years. You merely need to discover what they want and over-deliver with the products you create for them.

It’s better working hard for a $10,000 client than to work easily 10,000 times with $1 clients”

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