Crushing it Inside Your Niche

Just as it’s absolutely vital to have a puzzle picture in place while solving a puzzle, carving a niche for your business is an absolute MUST for today’s successful Internet business. A niche can be defined as a small targeted and focused area of any business entity that offers a unique program, or benefit, satisfying a common need of like-minded people.

However, you can’t simply settle on a niche in a flash until you really understand how to go about it. You can only come up with a well-defined niche by having the right attitude towards a concrete, and clear objective.

Be as specific as possible. Put your entire force towards a single specific value driven business model, rather than getting generalized and trying to sell everything under one roof.

And in this way, you will establish yourself as an expert in your field. To be an expert, you don’t necessarily need to have lot of knowledge or expertise. Needless to say you can get started right away with what you already know or enjoy doing in your spare time, and preferably have a passion for it too.

Once you have positioned yourself online as an expert in a specific niche, you will outgrow automatically into more related profitable areas. Your credibility in such areas will carry more weight than if you would attempt to offer “everything under one roof” approach.

Having a narrow niche means visitors will have a greater interest in what you offer. This is because your product or service is highly targeted to them and you aim to solve their specific problem.

It really makes no sense starting or running an Internet business without identifying a niche. If you’re really determined to get success on the online, this is the way to go. Do some positive brainstorming, relate different things around you trying to get into a specific niche, and add value. You will eventually come up with a great idea. And a great idea is the spark for a big explosion.

By analyzing your own site’s statistics, you may notice that you are sitting on a potential gold mine without even realizing it.

Take an honest look at your own site. Is it unique compared to many other sites out there? Do you have any original and helpful free content to attract visitors? What areas of your site are the most popular? Capitalize on those pages by featuring them or even creating separate domains with those target markets.

To summarize:

  • Analyze site traffic…
  • Pick your most popular topics and specialize in those areas
  • Be an expert in a topic you love and know well.
  • And then go for it!

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