9 Facebook Ads Mistakes

Facebook Ads is the powerhouse of social media advertising. With over a billion users, businesses are racing toward this social juggernaut in order to promote their products. There are effective ways to create effective ads but there are also definite ways to reduce the effectiveness of your Ad on Facebook, and here we will take a look at 9 of the most common.

1.Assuming that all Ads are created equal

Facebook selects Ads to repeat based on the best performers – the ones that generate the most clickthroughs or impressions. That’s why it’s important to support your Ads with interactivity-promoting tactics such as having a Facebook Fan page, and making sure you really do target the right people.

2.Not tweaking your Ad as your campaign regresses

Too many people create an Ad – and leave it. Even the best, most professionally optimized Ads go through a natural cycle of peaking and declining activity, so make sure you monitor this, and adjust your ads as needed. (Facebook is also more likely to keep displaying your Ad, if it sees you are keeping it current.)

3.Not putting your Ad in the best Facebook category

To figure out the right one, you need to think like your viewer: How would she categorize your product? You may think of your custom embroidered hemp pillows as “home décor accessories”… but your ideal customer might be looking for “green products”.

4.Picking too broad a category

This is a mistake usually born of inexperience. No, it’s not better to reach 1,000,000 readers in the hope that a handful might actually be interested in your Ad subject: It’s better to narrow your focus to an exact, small target group – one that will give you comparatively higher conversions (sales).

5.Not reading all the guidelines and restrictions

That one should be obvious, but still trips potential Advertisers up all the time. The best way not to “miss” something is not to rush through the process. Read the guidelines and restrictions first – do your homework!

6.Rushing into Ad creation

See # 4… and make sure you’ve thought of all the ways you can maximize your Ad dollars. Have a plan, don’t just fire your canons off in all directions. Think through your campaign, and plan for the long term (and for modifications) too.

7.Putting all your eggs in one basket

Especially if it’s the first time you’ve advertised on Facebook, it’s best to start small. Don’t commit your entire Advertising budget to it (unless your budget is miniscule – a tiny budget being another “mistake”, but sometimes, one that’s unavoidable for new marketers.)

8.Not realizing you need to link your Ad to page, event or group on Facebook.

The purpose of the Ads, as far as Facebook is concerned – publicizing and promoting Facebook. So even if it’s your own website you want to promote, your Ad should to direct people to your Facebook page, event or group for your website.

9.Not carefully checking formatting and spelling.

Make no mistake – you can easily get your Ad disapproved by using poor grammar, unprofessional formatting or having spelling mistakes.

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