Lead Generation Tips For Small Business

The Art of Providing Value For Generating Leads

Step 1: Identify the areas in which your clients value, from both yours and your competitors’ products or services. This is when social networks such as Facebook or Twitter become helpful. You can get your responses within seconds!

Step 2: At the same time, list down the aspects in which you are doing better or worse than your competitors. Assess your offers in terms of accessibility, usability, timeliness, quality, customisability, flexibility and reusability.

Step 3: Shortlist several aspects which you find more cost-effective to work on. Discuss your new ideas with your existing clients to validate their needs. Evaluate their costs and their associated costs and benefits. It is important that you do not take into account those activities that can be done as effectively by others.

Step 4: Decide which idea is the most appropriate and most effective way to increase the value. Your choice must fulfil the IRIC criteria, i.e. Increase (revenue, profit, share, efficiency), Reduce (cost, time, effort, conflict), Improve (productivity, process, skills, information) and Create (strategy, system, product, service).

Step 5: Communicate your added values to your clients through marketing strategies. Make sure your added values are visible to your leads who visit your websites.

Step 6: Evaluate your effort and gather feedback from your clients. This allows you to fine-tune your offers and marketing strategies. Be responsive to queries or confusions raised by your leads.

Powerful  Strategies To Generate Leads

If you try to be diverse you will easily lose focus and it will turn out to be futile. Staying specific allows you to be familiar with the interests, needs and problems of your leads.

In simple terms, you need a place where people can find all information about your company and your products. The easiest and the most cost effective way is by having your own website or Blog. Centralise your information can give your leads a better idea of what you can offer.

Instilling values in your leads is important to keep them coming. If you want your leads to leave their contact details with you on your Blog, first reward them with an educational eBook, video or audio recording. If possible, update your free materials on a regular basis and make them into a series. By doing so, you build trust and keep them interested in the long run.

No single approach works for all businesses. It takes time to learn how to generate leads for your business. Try several approaches from different sources to see what works and what does not work for you.

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