Sell! vs. Free

Create A List Of People Who Love You


Position Yourself

You need to position yourself. Your subscribers will be attracted to you depending on how you

position yourself or introduce yourself. So when they subscribe onto your list, you need to position yourself right then and there.

And what I mean by that is this. Are you there to help them? Or are you there just to sell to them? And even though helping people sounds really good, you can still help them through what you sell them. 

Now what I’ve found is, being on the extreme end of giving away free stuff all the time, or selling all the time, should be avoided. 

If you give people free stuff all the time, you’ve conditioned them to receive free stuff from you. And you’ve positioned yourself as somebody who gives away free stuff! 

Now if you sell to them all the time, then they’re going to think, ―How are you helping me?‖ you know, but as long as the products that you are selling relate to possibly helping them, that might be good as well. 

But in terms of creating raving fans, you need a balance. So that’s why I call it The Balance Formula.

What I’ve found over the years is this, there needs to be a balance between the two, a balance between education versus promotions. So in other words, you need to educate them, but you also need to sell. 

So in this case we’ve got a balance of both worlds. For example, the first half of the week or whatever half that you choose, you can help educate your list on a certain topic that can help them. And then on the second half of the week, you could promote a product that is related. And what I’ve found that works really, really well is discounts and scarcity. 

So if you teach them about a subject matter, and you just teach them, that’s it – then that’s kind of to the extreme. Or if you just sell them about a certain topic and that’s it, then that’s a little to the other extreme as well. But you also want to make sure between the balancing of the education and the selling, that whatever they signed up for, you’re only emailing them about that. 

So if they sign up for puppy training, you could eventually probably sell them about elderly dogs, but that has to be later down the road, and you have to be careful about that. Because somebody who wants puppy training is probably not interested in elderly dog training, so you want to make sure that you balance it, but keep on target.

Now let’s talk about discounts and scarcity.

What works even more is if you teach them a subject matter, and you promote something that is related but you take it one step further, and you find somebody with a related product. You approach them, you say ―Hey I’ve got this list, it converts really well in terms of this product, and I just taught them about this subject matter, and your product relates to it.

What I’ve found is, you approach these sellers and you work out a deal, even if it’s 50% 40% or 30% – just ask 30% for 48 hours. If you constantly do this on a consistent basis, even if it’s once a month, I’ve found that this works like crazy because people feel like, ―wow I’m learning something that’s useful, but how can I apply it? ― how can I get something related to it?

So they’re already thinking about that, and if you use this method and specific strategy, then you will do very well in terms of converting your list into raving fans and into buyers. And it definitely takes a little more time on your part, but it’s definitely well worth it.

And another thing to do is be consistent as well about the time that you email them. So if you’re used to emailing them at 9:30am Eastern Time, then you want to make sure that you email them consistently from that point on, at 9:30am Eastern Time. And I’ve found that helps a lot because people are waiting to receive an email at that time. 

And of course people around the world, if you’re dealing with people around the world, that could be a different case for them, but with the autoresponders that you use, like GetResponse and things like that, you can also set it in a way that it’ll be sent during their time zone and so forth. 

But consistency is important, conditioning your list is important, so whatever you do, make sure that you’re consistent, and that’s it!

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