AIDA – A Copywriter’s Course

Write sales copy that turns suspicious readers into trusting, eager to buy customers at the blink of an eye.


“Avoiding A Strikeout”

Double or Triple conversions with your existing sales letter or write a brand new killer one that takes your visitor from suspicious reader, and turns them into a trusting, eager to buy customer at the blink of an eye!

“A.I.D.A” – Marketing’s oldest formula & the fundamentals every copywriting should know:


    • Attention

    • Interest

    • Desire

    • Action


Attention-Get Your Reader’s Attention:


    • If you want your sales letter to have an impact on your readers, it must first get their attention and cause them to want to read further.

    • Your reader will be interested only in knowing “What’s in it for me?” “Why should I invest my time in reading on?”

    • Headline building is important.


Interest-Gain Your Reader’s Interest


    • You must clasp the reader’s interest by showing him why he needs your product or service.

    • You have to create a want for your product or service.

    • Let the reader know how his or her life will become easier with your product.

    • Show the reader what is missing by not even trying the product.

    • Gain your reader’s interest by connecting (your Story)


Desire-Create Desire


    • Tell the reader how exactly he or she will benefit from your product. Paint a picture in reader’s mind!

    • Get them to realize how your product can benefit them, how convenient it is for them to get it, and how comfortable life will be for them afterwards.

    • Generalities are less convincing. Specific details are far more believable.

•Example: “Within 3 weeks you will have lost 15 pounds. Imagine the compliments pouring in from your spouse. Think how gorgeous you will look in that new swimsuit!”


Action-Solicit Action


    • What do you want the reader to do next?

    • You’ve worked hard so far. You’ve gotten their attention, hooked their interest, created desire. Isn’t it appropriate to ask for action?

    • Don’t presume that your reader knows what to do next.

    • The P.S. is one component of a letter that almost always gets read. Use your P.S. to emphasize your most compelling benefit or restate your guarantee, and don’t forget the call to action once again.

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